Source the Globe Partners with Apparel Manufacturing Industry to Launch Unprecedented Worldwide Fashion Supply Chain Online Network

  • March 18 (Shanghai) - Are you an apparel buyer who spends too much precious time searching for reliable sourcing partners in overseas markets? Is your company missing the boat on emerging fashion trends because you can’t get product fast enough? Are you a fashion supplier looking for broader sales opportunities, but find it difficult to connect with the right international and domestic buyers? Source the Globe (www.sourcetheglobe.com ) is an exciting new venture that offers a groundbreaking and innovative solution to such challenges faced by a previously fragmented global fashion sourcing supply chain.

  • Source the Globe, is the ONLY Apparel Manufacturing Supply Chain-specific website that connects Apparel, Fabric, Trim, Decorative, Wash and Branding buyers and suppliers around the globe 24/7, 365 days a week. By effectively linking the entire apparel manufacturing industry for the first time, Source the Globe’s online market interface offers tremendous business development and marketing possibilities for its partners.

  • Source the Globe is inviting fashion industry players to join in the initiative and discover how the product can help their companies increase revenue potential. A Source the Globe partnership can foster: high performance supplier-buyer partnerships; streamlined, efficient supply chain operations; faster, improved response times to market trends; more effective promotion of operations; valuable networking opportunities; and much more.

  • Source the Globe’s new and improved portal makes it easier than ever for major clothing companies to connect with validated apparel manufacturers and suppliers in overseas markets. With a simple click of the mouse, buyers can browse through a user-friendly online database of validated suppliers from all corners of the world to discover:

  • -   In-depth, current intelligence about every supplier regarding their Specialties, Product, Equipment, Personnel, Capacity, and Operation.

  • -   A Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) profile that reflects each supplier’s environmental and sustainable business record.

  • -   Performance reviews provided by buyers who worked with each respective supplier in the past.

  • -   A online messaging network to contact suppliers directly.

  • For suppliers and industry associations, Source the Globe offers long lasting marketing and networking opportunities. Suppliers can now easily promote their operations and products to a vast network of buyers and manufacturers around the world. Industry associations can showcase their services to prospective members, and access to up-to-date profiles about its current membership. Supplier and association partners can network with each other through Source the Globe’s online messaging system.

  • Jeffrey Clark, Source the Globe President and CEO said, “The Source the Globe interface simplifies complexities around managing and controlling a company’s apparel manufacturing supply chain and business operations. We have collaborated with our industry partners to develop an easy to use, intelligent, and informative website that meets their needs. We will continue to leverage these relationships to implement even more tools and a breadth of useful services to help improve efficiencies in the supply chain, reduce time from concept to market, and increase ROI.”

  • Industry participants and media are encouraged to visit www.sourcetheglobe.com or contact Jeffrey Clark at Jeffrey@SourcetheGlobe.com for more information about Source the Globe, and to take advantage of free trial opportunities.

About Source the Globe

  • Source the Globe (www.sourcetheglobe.com) is an innovative web product that provides a unique subscription-based online business-to-business resource for apparel brands, retailers, manufacturers, suppliers, and associations in the international apparel sourcing market. Source the Globe is the first to link major clothing companies with manufacturers and suppliers in overseas markets.

  • Source the Globe launched in beta form in the summer of 2007 and quickly gained rapport among 120 international test users. In the spring of 2008, Clark secured a software development partner that lead to the launch of its full website in March, 2009.