About Us

  • Source the Globe is the ONLY website that connects the Apparel, Fabric, Trim, Decorative, Wash and Branding to the Apparel Manufacturing Supply Chain around the globe 24/7, 365 days a week.

  • Source the Globe’s international team takes care of the research, traveling extensively around the world to identify reliable suppliers across a wide variety of product specialties. Source the Globe then validates all companies and products that are posted on the website. Industry representatives can tap into up-to-date, reliable company profiles about potential sourcing partners and their products from around the world, and contact them directly through the network’s instant messaging system. Source the Globe’s online tools make it easy to manage business connections, track supply chain operations, and promote products to potential partners. Comprehensive product and company news and information related to the fashion industry is all available right at users' fingertips.

  • The end result?

  • A faster, more efficient, and better way to source, create, develop, and deliver products with manufacturing confidence. Source the Globe will save you save time and money.

Our Vision

  • We apply technology to help the global apparel manufacturing supply chain become more efficient.

Our Core Values

  • Source the Globe operates in a way that recognizes the central role that business plays in society by initiating ways to improve quality of life. Source the Globe believes in putting people before product. We value our relationships in both the business and local community and try to set an example of good business practice in all that we do.

Quality Product

  • Source the Globe strives to satisfy our customers with innovative technology and superior quality, value and service. We stand behind our product and the service we provide to our customers. All our work is conducted with integrity and uncompromising honesty.

Responsible Sourcing

  • Source the Globe intends to help its subscribers make responsible sourcing decisions with up-to-date information about the social, ethical, and environmental practices of various companies throughout the global manufacturing supply chain.

    We respect and help promote trustworthy companies with international certifications, fair trade policies, and legal-age labor forces.

Community Involvement

  • Source the Globe is committed to making our world a better place to live. That's why we give 5% of our income to charity.

Our History

  • The Source the Globe website is the successful culmination of industry expertise, creativity, and years of research, trial, and development.

  • The quest to build a seamless and cost-effective online platform that would link the garment manufacturing supply chain was born in 2005 when eventual Source the Globe - founder Jeffrey Clark was serving as a consultant to many multi-national companies in the apparel manufacturing industry. Jeffrey recognized that the sector’s highly fragmented supply chain was creating efficiency issues as more and more companies began turning to the global marketplace to source material and promote their operations. Information about suppliers, manufacturers, and product in overseas markets was often incorrect, outdated or incomplete. It was proving difficult and costly for companies to identify appropriate partners in establishing international operations that would effectively respond to fast-moving fashion trends and consumer demand. Jeffrey began to conceive a product that would provide a reliable global sourcing connection for players in the world’s apparel manufacturing industry.

  • In 2007, Jeffrey revealed a beta prototype of Source the Globe that was well-received by the industry and a source for additional feedback and input. In 2008, Jeffrey registered Source the Globe Limited as a Hong Kong Corporation and partnered with a Chinese technology company to realize his full vision for the product’s platform. In March, 2009, the long- anticipated Source the Globe website was launched.